About HMA

Hoffman Miller (HMA) is a New Orleans – based, full-service marketing, public relations and advertising agency that services clients on a local, regional and national level. At Hoffman Miller, we believe in open lines of communication between the agency and our clients; we understand that when mutual goals are pursued and needs are met, a relationship can flourish and businesses can grow. We take an individualized, strategic approach with our clients. By following these guiding principles for nearly 30 years, HMA has built successful, well thought-out campaigns for its clients and supported them throughout the years with clever and calculated creative.

Since it was founded in 1984 by Nathan Hoffman, HMA has created dynamic and effective marketing plans for consumer product companies, retailers, healthcare, government agencies, banks, law firms, manufacturers, non-profit organizations, hotels, tourism companies… just about any industry or type of organization that wants to sell product, get a message out, or make money! Today, we are a full-service agency located on Canal Street in New Orleans’ historic Mid-City neighborhood and we are proud to say that many of the clients we started with are still with us nearly 30 years later!

Over the years, our agency has honed its skill for effectively communicating with customer groups through research and continuing education. Through research, creative thinking and strategic planning, we have been helping companies successfully bring their product to market. We know what works on the web, in print, on TV and radio, in person, down the block, across the country.