Public Relations

Ongoing and strategic Public Relations efforts are an important aspect of any marketing campaign, and at HMA, we integrate PR campaigns and community outreach for a variety of clients to help them receive more “earned media.” For a successful PR campaign, the appropriate media contacts must be identified and relationships must be formed with those media outlets to provide for more efficient distribution of press releases, which will ultimately help to aid in the pick-up of press releases for new stories and boost event attendance.

In addition to our database of media contacts and outlets with whom we have close relationships, HMA also uses wire services like Cisionpoint and PR Newswire. We know that the way the world sees your product, service or cause is what ultimately leads to success, and communication is at the core of that public perception, so HMA works with the community, media and your customers to strengthen client brand awareness and solidify their position in the market. Our PR Department also offers event planning and coordination services for grand openings, marketing events, corporate events, press conferences, parties and awards banquets, promotions and fundraisers. Our relationships with production companies, entertainment, catering services and venues allow us to coordinate large- and small-scale events for our clients. We can help our clients develop unique events that will help them meet their marketing goals and interact with customers.

No matter the size of the audience – whether local or international – when dealing with a client’s message, PR efforts must be timed, efficient and controlled. Despite having to often deliver information within a very short turn-time and without much notice, we have effectively helped clients communicate their information to the world in the form of a concise message.

PR Case Study

Since 2009, HMA has served as the marketing and communications agency for one of the largest plaintiffs law firms in the country, New Orleans – based Herman, Herman & Katz. In that time, we have coordinated their local, regional and national PR efforts, acting as the voice of the plaintiffs and their attorneys for such international cases as Chinese Drywall litigation, the BP Oil Spill, Vioxx and Big Tobacco litigation. We even had the interesting opportunity of having to tell the New York Times “no.” Mouse here to read about our PR experience with major announcements in Chinese Drywall litigation.

Working with cases of this magnitude has given our agency a wealth of connections and relationship with media nationwide, as well as the experience necessary to effectively communicate with media on a national level. We subscribe to multiple national news wires and can quickly and efficiently release a message on a global scale, but we also know the value of working closely with individual media contracts with whom we have a relationship.