Smart Marketing

As a full-service agency working in the New Orleans creative industry for nearly three decades, Hoffman Miller Advertising has serviced more than 200 clients across a variety of industries, helping them execute a brand position and mission statement for their company. At Hoffman Miller, we strive to deliver what we like to call “Smart Marketing” for our clients, offering a combination of strategic planning, creative thinking and branding solutions. We survey all available resources and identify those that are most appropriate for our clients’ message, marketing goals, target audience and budget. Our campaigns blend traditional methods with social media and PR to help raise brand awareness and develop a relationship with the target consumer. We service clients whose customer bases pull from local, regional and national constituencies, we have gained an understanding of a variety of target demographics.  Over the years, the agency has honed its skills for effectively reaching those key groups through research and continuing education. One of the most exciting aspects of our job is that we get to work with a variety of industries and we learn new skill sets with each new client. However, though every industry and account is unique, experience has proved that the same principles apply when it comes to effective marketing. The key of successful branding is to set your business, product or service apart from the competition, and at Hoffman Miller, we have been able to do this for hundreds of clients by identifying their “un-pre-emptable” point of difference. We work with each client to establish a strong, individual identity that gains them “top-of-mind” awareness and distinguishes their brand. Here’s a great example of one of longest-standing branding relationships – Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. You’ll learn that pigs do fly when you read about how we created a unique brand for this local community bank.