There ought to be a law…
that all law firms get great marketing.

But that just isn’t the case, is it?

At HMA, we’re experts at marketing the entire breadth and
scope of an attorney or firm’s services. We don’t just sell your
specialties, we sell what’s special about you or your firm, and
why a prospective client should select your services over
anyone else’s. You know it. We’ll know it. And we’ll make sure
they know it.

From brand identity to targeted marketing through web, TV,
radio and print, Hoffman Miller has partnered with some of
the most successful and prestigious law firms in Louisiana. We
have also worked with an eclectic range of budgets, maximizing
all to reach desired audiences using the most effective medium
for the message.

Convincing arguments


Instead of remembering a catchline for a quick check, when
they read your firm’s name they’ll think: integrity,
tough, successful, affordable, prestigious–whatever that
difference is that raises you above the rest.
• Determine the best argument for convincing your target
   market you’re the best and make it stick.
• Hammer it home across all media.
• Present to the public the identity you want to be known for.
• Establish a good reputation with the public and your peers.


Together, we’ll work with you to determine the most effective
and cost-efficient means of reaching your audience and
increasing your business through
– print – web – television – outdoor – radio
• Strategy and insight to convey an effective message and
   deliver more clients.
• Experts at all on board, including a media buyer with more
   than 20 years experience in planning, negotiating and
   purchasing radio, newspaper and television advertising.
• Media tracking to measure ad effectiveness


If it’s a hot legal issue–local or national–we know you’re on it
and so are we.
• Expert managing of local and national events and issues,
–BP oil spill –Vioxx –Chinese drywall –Hurricane Katrina
• Wealth of media connections and relationships nationwide


Notice how many bad attorney websites are out there? We’ll build
you a site that’s easy to navigate, pertinent, timely and easily

• Content-managed sites, putting you in
   control of adding instant information
   and updates
• Website hosting and maintenance
• Interactive case review feature,
   allowing you instant communication
   with potential clients.


HMA will keep you connected and expand your web presence,
making it easier for everyone to discover your services.
• Search engine optimization–we’ll get your potential
   clients to you with just a handful of key search words.
• Geotargeting campaigns– make yourself easy to find to the
   populations you’re trying to reach
• Timely, non-obtrusive e-blasts and newsletters
• Relevant social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter,
   LinkedIn and blogs

We’re not resting our case…
Those were just our opening arguments for representing you.